Ali Jafargholi

VFX Pipeline Developer

Software Developer with VFX Industry expertise, particularly in developing custom pipeline tools and upgrading VFX pipelines to use ShotGrid.

I'm a Passionate Pipeline Developer with industry experience.

I am passionate about the intersection of programming and VFX. Constantly working to create efficient solutions for the pipeline.

I enjoy leading a team with a common project goal, going above and beyond to meet deadlines in a fast-paced work environment.

What I Do Best

I improve pipeline efficiency for VFX studios. I consult on pipeline improvement projects, build custom tools and optimize existing VFX pipelines.


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Pipeline Supervisor

Assisting in workflow solutions and overarching pipeline architecture from asset creation all the way through finished delivery, working closely with artists to collaborate on tools and workflow solutions, and working with the Pipeline TDs to create incremental pipeline improvements throughout productions.

2022 - present
2020 - 2022
Senior Pipeline Technical Director
Industrial Light & Magic, Vancouver

Develop pipeline and asset management tools to meet immediate, show-directed production demands, ensuring facility-wide consistency as directed by show and technical supervisors. Help maintain a wide array of existing workflows and scripts.

VFX Pipeline Developer – Consultant
Li & Fung Limited, Hong Kong

Develop a pipeline and address unique needs for the rollout of 3D technology in fast-paced fashion production company.

2017 - 2019
Senior Pipeline Deveoloper
THR3D CGI, Detroit

Lead the team that designs, builds and maintains a pipeline optimized to handle high volume output for numerous clients, each with unique delivery specs. Responsible for integrating Shotgun in common DCCs and design and develop custom Shotgun apps.

(3D renderings of retail products for eCommerce, high volume assets)

Pipeline Developer
3DEXCITE (Dassault Systèmes), Detroit

Designed and built new asset management pipeline for a high volume automotive configuration. Implemented recent technology including Deep Images.

2016 - 2017
2014 - 2016
Senior Pipeline Developer
MPC, Vancouver

Embedded developer in the Layout department. Helped artists in their daily tasks by providing new apps and tools and maintained existing tools. Increased efficiency in pipeline with user experience in mind.

Senior Environment TD
MPC, Vancouver

Created virtual environments and 3D matte paintings using Nuke, Maya, Mari, Photoscan.

3DEXCITE (Dassault Systèmes), Detroit

Shading, Lighting and compositing realistic automotive model and environments in Maya and Nuke.

2012 - 2014

Artists and the production team can only do their best work when the pipeline works for them, not against them.


" Everything is fully integrated "

Ali was hands-on with everything from the initial config setup, to spinning up event servers running custom events, to created custom apps, to creating documentation and training materials. Everything is fully integrated. Maya, Deadline, Photoshop, and Shotgun all talk to each other.

Brandon B.
" A driven leader "

His expertise of pipeline development through various DCC tools, cloud infrastructure, programming skill and knowledge are always helpful. I highly recommend Ali as a driven leader, creative thinker and a problem solver on a global scale.

Samuel C.
Li & Fung Ltd.
" Eagerly embraces every challenge "

Ali was with us for 2 years full-time, and we continue to leverage him as a contractor whenever possible. Anyone that's worked with him knows that his devotion is second to none and that he eagerly embraces every challenge.

Brandon B.
" loves to solve problems "

Ali is a multi-talented individual who loves to solve problems. His positive attitude and zen like focus are contagious in a good way.

Jacob Elkins

Pick my brain

If you're wondering how your pipeline can be improved, let's talk. I can review your processes, data structure and talk with your technical team about time-saving methods they could implement.

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Current residence:

British Columbia, Canada