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Nissan Commercial

This is a commercial done by RTT in 2012. In this project I was mainly responsible for creating a HDRI tunnel and doing the lighting. We shot the location right in Royal Oak, Michigan, where RTT offices are. I assisted with the shoot. We used a car with tracking markers, and shot the footage with the Porsche with mounted camera arm on it.                       Having access to the Spherical HDRI images, I was able to create the model of the area that the car was driving into.I created the model based on the Google map aerial image, importing the model into Nuke and projecting the HDRI images on the model. Then I exported the projections to Mari for retouching and blending the projection images together. Google image for modeling the area. Although, beside using the Google image, I also had access to the precise measurements of the street: For […]

Here are some simple but handy scripts that helped a lot while working with a nuke script that had hundreds of nodes. (To use the scripts for Nuke, you need to know about and If you don’t know about these yet you should read Page1 and Page2, for Maya scripts, just simply run them in your python script editor or you could drag and drop it on your shelf for easier access) Read From Write It’s been very common that while I’m making changes and progress I need to show my supervisor the quick preview of the updates. I usually have hundreds of Write nodes, so I wrote a script that creates a Read node and names it accordingly, based on the version that has been created. Please click here for the code.   Add and Remove Expression to Disable Knob This script probably won’t be useful unless you’re working with very […]

The goal of this project was to be able to make curves on the surface of any objects. Here is a video the shows the result of the final render: And here are some still images of the bunny:      There are three steps to achieve this model First, Emitting particles and querying position of each particle for each frame Second, Using RayCastNode plugin for Maya and use the particles position to draw line on the object Third, using RenderMan to render the curves. Particle Poisition The first step was to emit particle from any source. Then I used some scripts from Fundza to generate a text file that store the position of all particles on all frames. In next video, you can see that there is a simple particle emitter that generates one set of particles, which have collision with a cube and stay in side of it Draw line Next step […]

This tool, developed by Professor Malcolm Kesson, is a network rendering system intended to be used with rib files generated by Pixar’s RenderMan Studio (RMS). It is called PotRoast that includes collection of python scripts. Click here to see how to use them, and get the codes. In this project, I was responsible for making a UI for Maya so artist could easily use the scripts. (This UI is designed to be used at Montgomery building at SCAD) Click here to download the code. (Copy and run it in the python script panel in Maya script editor) Here is the snapshots of the user interface:  

File Manager for Maya

The purpose of this tool is to make the process of submitting Maya jobs on a render farm easier for the students at SCAD’s Montgomery Hall. This Tool helps you to organize your project files and make it ready to submit jobs on farm. This tool is available on Windows and Linux The windows version is coming soon. Click Here to download the code, and simply paste the code inside of you script editor, python tab, and run it. Here is a snap shot of the tool interface. This tool, as you can see in the image, contains 4 major parts. First part shows all of the files in the scene that have relative paths. If you double click on them, it’ll select the file then you can change the path directory. The second part is a list of the files that are being used in Maya but don’t have a relative path or […]

The Fourth Man

This was group a project, including 18 people. This is a recreation  of a scene from the classic movie, the Third Man. In this project I was responsible for lighting and compositing for 7 shots. Here is a final movie, I hope you enjoy it: Here are the shots that I lit and composite:

Houdini Pendulum Drawing

I remember I was amazed with pendulum drawing when I saw it for the first time. This concept is very simple but at a same time the result is pretty complex. Here is the video that shows the result of using this concept using Houdini. As you can see in the next video, there are two pendulum that are driving a source, emitter. Each pendulum is a sphere that is swinging using RBD Pin Constraint. Then each sphere drive a one end of the IK handle using Rivet. The emitter produce particles which collide and stick to the grid, which is acting as a ground.

A while ago, I was inspired by the video of a showcase of kinetic sculpture made by Bob Potts. I decided to make a animation based on that sculpture in houdini. Next video demonstrates the final result of this project. Here are some references images:   And Here are still images from my final render:     Houdini certainly is one of the most powerful tools for CGI, and most definitely is amazing for making procedural modeling. But in terms of making an organic type object I had a bit hard time. As you can see in the graph image, I had to use quite a lot of node and modification to get a pretty simple shapes.     On the other hand It was very easy to create a procedural shape such as gear. For creating gear I used a next mathematical formula, source form mathworld. when r = a + ( […]

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