The Ferrari 458 Italia – RenderMan

For the last year I’ve been working at RTT as a lighter and compositor. My daily challenges are dealing with lighting photorealistic cars using MentalRay and Maya. Since RenderMan 18 was launched, I wanted to give it a try and experience the new features and performance improvements.

Here are the results:



Click on the image for higher resolution.


For Shading and Lighting I used RenderMan and Maya. The new improvement in RenderMan 18 are absolutely powerful and fast. It basically helps the artist to focus on getting result using interface, without necessarily digging into coding and struggling with background development. (Although it’s debatable if that’s a good thing or not!)
I’m personally very happy with how the new shaders work and how much you can achieve with minor tweaking.

Many thanks to SMCars for sharing the HDRIs and Backplates. It’s not easy find a Good HDRIs that include the backplates, so I really appreciate their generosity.

To finish these shots I used Nuke for compositing and color correction.

Final Thought

If I want to compare the results and the time consumption to other renderers, I have to say it was not a good deal. Achieving a decent quality HD render in Renderman was very time consuming. So I’m hoping that I can optimize my scene and get better results in less time.

My plan is to make a simple camera animation of all 3 shots, I think that would be the next step.