Simple but Handy, Nuke and Maya

Here are some simple but handy scripts that helped a lot while working with a nuke script that had hundreds of nodes.

(To use the scripts for Nuke, you need to know about and If you don’t know about these yet you should read Page1 and Page2, for Maya scripts, just simply run them in your python script editor or you could drag and drop it on your shelf for easier access)

Read From Write

It’s been very common that while I’m making changes and progress I need to show my supervisor the quick preview of the updates. I usually have hundreds of Write nodes, so I wrote a script that creates a Read node and names it accordingly, based on the version that has been created. Please click here for the code.



Add and Remove Expression to Disable Knob

This script probably won’t be useful unless you’re working with very low frame range. In my case, most of the comps that I’m working on include somewhere  between 4 to 36 frames. In my work flow it’s very common to have some of the nodes disabled in specific frames and enabled in others. SO this script will ask the frames or range of frames from the user and will add an expression to the disable knob. There is also a script to remove the expression from the disable knob. Please click here for “Add and Remove Expression” script.

expressionOnDisableKnob addexpression


Add, Remove and Edit the Node’s Label

This one might seem a bit unnecessary, but when you have thousands of nodes in your scene, it’s important to label the nodes. It could get a bit tedious to add, edit or remove the labels. So since I was using labels extensively, I wrote this python code that prompts the user and add the input to the selected node’s label. There are also two scripts that you could use to edit the current label or remove the label. Please click here to see the code.

editLabel addLabel


Find The missing Frames (Maya)

Finding the missing frames always has been a tedious work. I finally gave up and wrote a code to find them. it’s a pretty old code, so please don’t judge me. Please click here to see the code (I’ll try to update it and repost it)


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