Save Smart As, Nuke (WIP)

Using this script, artists will able to make a copy of the working nuke script including all the source files. After all the copying is done, all the paths in the copied nuke script will be fixed and changed to relative paths. Eventually the user could move the folder to any computer anywhere and the script will work fine.

This script is very useful when the source files are on the network and user wants to localize the files or if an artist needs to send the nuke file to someone else and needs to make sure that every source file will work.


Currently, with this tool the artist is able to:

  1. Save the partial or all of the working nuke scripts into the given path
  2. Change all the source file paths to the relative path

Eventually the artist will also be able to:

  • Zip the whole directory
  • Add text as the ReadME.txt file to the final directory
  • Email the whole package