Light Manager for Maya

Light manager for Maya, using python:

(Click here to see the code. Unfortunately I lost the latest version of the code, so while you’re using you could get some errors. I’m planing to rewrite the tool and I’ll post it as soon as it finishes.)
Some useful functionality of this tool:

  • Ability to change the attributes of all the selected lights at the same time.
  • Having the most used attributes in the same place,
  • Extra  view port specifically for the light to look through.
  • Adding and removing a tag name. This tag name is a text that will attach to the light and will move with light. It helps the user to recognize the light better.
  • Ability to go back to default value of the attribute.
  • Hiding and showing the selected light or lights.
  • Easily creating any types of light

Here is some snap shot of this tool

Global Attributes


View Port


Extra Attributes


  1. Hi
    Looks like a very handy script.
    Any chance we can get it?

    lg Gerald

    • Absolutely, But it still is in debugging mode. I can send you the code by July.

  2. Thanks!
    Looking forward to it.

  3. Ow, Cool! I want this script to : )

    • Sure, as soon as I’ve fixed the bugs I’ll let you know

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