File Manager for Maya

The purpose of this tool is to make the process of submitting Maya jobs on a render farm easier for the students at SCAD’s Montgomery Hall. This Tool helps you to organize your project files and make it ready to submit jobs on farm.

This tool is available on Windows and Linux The windows version is coming soon.

Click Here to download the code, and simply paste the code inside of you script editor, python tab, and run it.

Here is a snap shot of the tool interface.

This tool, as you can see in the image, contains 4 major parts. First part shows all of the files in the scene that have relative paths. If you double click on them, it’ll select the file then you can change the path directory. The second part is a list of the files that are being used in Maya but don’t have a relative path or are missing one and Maya can’t find it. You could double click on them too and select the right files.

The third part is an action section that contains five action buttons:

  1. Analyze The scene, which will process all the files inside the scene, including texture files, referenced objects, and will report back to either part of report sections.
  2. Relative the Path will take all the files inside the second part which have a missing or non-relative path and will copy the files inside the correct directory and set the relative path for the selected file.
  3. Copy the Project Folder is connected to the 4th part and will copy the whole project directory inside the given path in the 4th part.
  4. Farm it will copy the project folder, just all the files that are being used in the scene file, inside the RenderFarm folder.
  5. Submit job will open the render farm page in a web browser.
The fourth part is for setting a location where you want to copy your project folder, when your are using “Copy the Project Folder” button this path needs to be set.

Feel free to use it and let me know if you find any bugs or have any issue using this tool.

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  1. Very cool! Will come in handy for sure at SCAD!

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